Welcome to GRIMA

This is GRIMA, our group on Machine Intelligence or "Grupo de Inteligencia de Máquina". At Grima our main goal is to collaborate in the development of theory and algorithms to increase the flexibility, adaptability, or intelligence of current computer based applications. We foresee that these technologies will be at the core of a new generation of computer based machines able to operate with a high degree of autonomy in natural and virtual environments. Autonomous robots able to operate in natural environments or pro-active computer programs designed for automatic knowledge extraction from data, are some examples of the new generation of "intelligent" machines. The creation of these new applications requires the development of new inference algorithms, representations, and knowledge acquisition tools. Also, the operation in real environments involves advanced perception systems, like computer vision techniques. Finally, pro-active systems can only be built, if suitable decision systems are implemented. Our group approaches these challenges with theoretical and applied research on three main areas: Machine Learning, Robotics, and Computer Vision.


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